daily life paris : starting over

You have to start somewhere when you’re starting over and I chose Paris. It’s a long story but the highlights are that I came here for the first time to live almost a year ago, I fell in love, I had massive visa troubles, I moved back to the Pacific Northwest for a few months… I got a student visa, came back to Paris and now I’ve been here for almost 10 months. I took French classes at the Alliance Francaise, I worked as an au pair for 3 months while I was a student and I started slowly piecing together a life for myself that looked real and colorful and like me.

This month marks the beginning of a truly new chapter in my Paris life. I’ve moved back into my field, fashion & eCommerce, which I love, but which I sorely needed a break from after my 7 year stint building start up marketplaces in Seattle.

So, I’ve decided to start a blog and start recording the fashion, culture and happenings that I see and love, again. It feels right.


Photo by my friend Fiona LeBrun, taken in Cafe Oberkampf.


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