travel photos france : porquerolles

A lot of these photos (the first analogue photos I’ve developed since I was a teenager), have ended up in different places. They went on my Facebook, my Instagram, my old business blog, my old business Instagram. And there’s a part of me that wants to consolidate just my favorites here because A. I love shooting again, in all it’s imperfections including that glaring red date that’s printed on the pics, and B. Scattering photos for different online uses feels like it somehow reduces what is most naturally felt as a series, just of time spent in France this Summer – my first Summer here.

Voila! Here is Hyeres & Porquerolles, inspired by Godard’s film Pierrot Le Fou, which I have watched many a time by myself – it’s just that kind of film for me – and which inspired an airbnb reservation I made last Summer on Giens Peninsula, a UNESCO heritage site, with a port and boats leaving on the hour to the magical island of Porquerolles. My sister and I were hosted by the most wonderful woman Nadine, a French mama with daughters our age who took top-tier care of us, driving us to the pharmacy and leading us back to the motorbike dealership in her mini van – us , weaving behind her on our scooter, trying to make the right turns. Anyhow, one year later, after a series of some magical and some very intentional decisions, I returned to the very spot – the very airbnb – and Nadine’s wonderful world on my own. I now live in Paris and virtually my whole life has changed in the course of one year. I’ve never taken a true vacation just by myself and I must say it was the perfect thing for reflection, some sweaty bike riding around the island, naked swimming and letting go of some strange things I had carried around since this all started and didn’t even know I was carrying. Salt and stones have a special way of rubbing the excess off.

hanaryantravelphoto1 hanaryantravelphoto2 hanaryantravelphoto3 hanaryantravelphoto4 hanaryantravelphoto5 hanaryantravelphoto6 hanaryantravelphoto7 hanaryantravelphoto8


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