travel photos france : cassis no. 1

When one of your longest standing friends from childhood shows up in Paris and wants to go on a girl trip to Cassis, you say yes. And yes and yes. Tobin is one of my favorite people in the whole world. She’s a soulful friend and consistently teaches me about living life at your own pace. She takes naps, eats yummy food, loves to walk, can talk endlessly about babies (she’s a doula, afterall), is fierce in her women relationships, has great curiosity for the world and a game-face for adventure and getting into the thick of it.

Cassis with its sun and sand-washed rocks, portly smells, dry trail hikes and those beautiful Calanques (part II of blog post coming soon…) was just the thing for getting the time together to fold into a shared rhythm and cover a lot of life ground, read good books, catch sunsets and dream up the future. Cheers to friendships and the way they change, expand and feed you over time.

Also, check out our Picasso love nest of an airbnb. There was no fridge because the dude believed in “living fresh” but we certainly enjoyed the herbs & colors.

Photo01_2 (2)Photo02_3 (2)Photo01_2 Photo04_5 (2)Photo03_4 (2)Photo03_4Photo05_6Photo07_8 (2)Photo09_10 (2)

Some off-season resort details snapped while prowling a cliff-side beauty, under the fake pretense of looking for a wedding venue. Who knows… This place just howls for a clan of family and friends and babies to roll in and spread out over the rocks.

Photo08_9Photo12_13Photo11_12Photo10_11 Photo11_12 (2)


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