daily life : some fresh air

Paul’s family has a running joke about my “5 boulots” or five jobs and our French friends ask how I find time to do anything but work. Well, the multitude of different work avenues here in France began as a survival mechanism and has fortunately turned into a real living that I actually enjoy – as it has shaped over time. Between the different businesses, people and projects I work for, I still have more time to myself and the kind of time I enjoy most (mornings with coffee and my writing pad in the apartment) than I ever did on a 9-5 schedule with a startup on the side.

My newest “boulot” is partnering with a blogger and author who lives in (and writes about) Normandy. Besides being up my alley in terms of problem-solving and business coaching aspects, both of which I highly enjoy, the change of landscape is just good for my soul. Big gratitude for change and a reassessment of values here.  Also… fresh air.

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