daily life paris : press office

Well, I went from the 5 mini boulots to 1 big boulot in about a week flat. Was contacted over holiday in Port Townsend with somewhat of a dreamy offer to work for a young, techie fashion company I’ve had my eye on for some time, and by the time I landed back in Paris, I had a full-time job. I don’t feel ready to talk about all my big feelings on this subject. Work and balance, love and balance, life and balance have been the big focus and win of my last year and a half in Paris. My competitive nature and innovation-driven high frequency have been put on temporary shhhh. This week marks a decidedly new chapter as I join an international team with a big project under wraps. More to come on all that. But I will say I forgot how much I like the motion and gut of collaboration and quickness. Connectivity is everything, and not just in the technological sense but Skyping with my new team makes me energized and bolder than I’ve been here in France so far.

Visited our Press Office today and spoke (almost) only in French in my meeting with the marketing team. Snap to.


The last shot was a beautiful facade I saw as I left the press office. And what with those neon street plans, I couldn’t help like the contrast and play of planning and diagramming against the dimension of the established and trustworthy.

I frequent Instagram a little more than the blog, though I’m trying to get better at this… @hanaryan.


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