daily life : singapore and a new direction

I’m posting these photos way after the fact, but since arriving back in France from holiday in the US it’s been a whirlwind new lifestyle with a French brand that I’ve started working with as ecommerce and customer acquisition mgr. Problem-solving makes me buzz and launches make me feel like somewhat of an athlete in my work life so I’ve been shimmying in a bit of stress, a lot of excitement and new routines since then.

The company flew me to Singapore to meet the design team there (all French, mostly my age) and it was a whirlpool of space age architecture, hallucinogenic Chinese new year festivities – increased in vibrance by my jet lag no doubt – and the intimacies of a family run business and new team. My French went from the relative standstill its been in for months of working with English-speaking companies into a full on sprint and I remembered that I love my field.

When I made the leap to live abroad over a year ago, I  couldn’t quite imagine what work life would look like and I certainly couldn’t have anticipated a second work city like Singapore… but it all felt equally surreal and invigorating. This makes sense, as much as this doesn’t make sense, this makes sense…



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