travel photos france : bordeaux

Spent the weekend in Bordeaux with Paul’s childhood friend Benoit et his lovely wife Sara. I posted a few pictures a while back of their wedding in Biarritz which knocked my socks off.

For Ben’s birthday we trekked out to the coast near Cap Ferret for world-famous oysters, mussels and some pretty spectacular dunes.

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The remnants of German barracks that have crumbled into the sea as the cliffs have receded were wild and beautiful and bizarre. Surfers in the distance on the dunes were like dots in a painting.

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Back in Bordeaux, we explored the center and holed up in a sunny little air b n b with no wifi and complete silence over a stony courtyard. For a 48 hour jaunt, the bones went into deep deep relax.


We left a little more in love with Bordeaux. Wondering a little more about living somewhere where the weekend is open country. Plus, I miss driving. He misses the sun.



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