south of france analog photos

travel photos france : the golden islands

Becoming the source of all my favorite film photos that I’ve taken… Would love to make a little book of this place with poetry and photos.

See the previous post, accompanied by more photos and travel writing of this place here.

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Heading to Africa (Tanzania) next week and cannot wait to bring back film photos and writing ! The tricky thing about film is that it happens, you write about it, drop it at the shop and pick it up later – so there’s no immediacy in the updates like with an iPhone. But I kind of like it, too. Feelings and sentiments travel differently over time… as do photos when you look back on somewhere you’ve been from the perspective of being in your normal routine again…



  1. I am so thankful that I have found a fellow travel writer like you!!!! This looks like a gorgeous place and I would love to read a travel photography book and poetry book by you!!!! You might be thinking something like a creative travel journal- which would turn out so well with your developed photography!!


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